Sleepy Reaper Coffee Co. is two ex-army lads, Trent and Josh, who love coffee, cars, motorbikes and the outdoors. We got sick of the ironic moustache wearing, rolled up jeans sporting hipsters overcomplicating coffee so we decided to change it. Damn good coffee, straight up, no bullshit. The coffee is batch roasted weekly using ethically sourced beans from all over the planet to create a bold and delicious coffee that’ll leaden pencils, wake the dead and make waking up early for the daily grind worth it.


Jericho – Morning Glory

Can’t get enough of the smooth silky goodness of Morning Glory?

Want the glorious scent of the Reapers nectar whilst making your beard as smooth as you thought you were at the bar last Friday? Jericho’s got you covered. All Natural, infused with the very coffee you shoved in your shit mixer this morning. It’s a match made in heaven.

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