Sleepy Reaper Coffee Co. is two ex-army lads, Trent and Josh, who love coffee, cars, motorbikes and the outdoors. We got sick of the ironic moustache wearing, rolled up jeans sporting hipsters overcomplicating coffee so we decided to change it. Damn good coffee, straight up, no bullshit. The coffee is batch roasted weekly using ethically sourced beans from all over the planet to create a bold and delicious coffee that’ll leaden pencils, wake the dead and make waking up early for the daily grind worth it.



Camping Pack


You’ve got the forby packed, semen demons screamin’ in the backseat and the dog’s tied to the roof rack because you’re one coffee short. Fear not, we’ve taken some of the thinking out of packing for a holiday* for you by putting together our indestructible(ish)** tin mug and our idiot proof filter bags so you can have a brew before the world turns to chaos again.

*Also applicable for dealing with everyones shit at work.

** Don’t try, you aren’t getting a refund if you punt the bastard off a cliff or run over it with your oversized caravan.

Note: We obviously don’t condone cruelty to animals, you peanuts. It’s called humour.

Please note that because we grind to order, filter bags may expand.


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