Sleepy Reaper Coffee Co. is two ex-army lads, Trent and Josh, who love coffee, cars, motorbikes and the outdoors. We got sick of the ironic moustache wearing, rolled up jeans sporting hipsters overcomplicating coffee so we decided to change it. Damn good coffee, straight up, no bullshit. The coffee is batch roasted weekly using ethically sourced beans from all over the planet to create a bold and delicious coffee that’ll leaden pencils, wake the dead and make waking up early for the daily grind worth it.



T-Shirt pre-order

PRE ORDER: Last orders on 28/04/2024.

What’s that? You love the smooth, smooth daily heart palpitations that we give you so much you want to let the world know? We got Chu boo. High quality AS Colour cotton T Shirt printed right here in Australia. They’re damn comfy, fit your usual sizing and the logos are so clear that everyone will know you drink the good shit. Hook in!

**NOTE: Once the pre-order closes at the end of this month (28/4/20214) we’ll be ordering the production run. Please allow for approximately 4 weeks after close of pre-order for your goods to arrive, as ever we’ll try to get them out as quickly as possible, but like our coffee we’re keeping them fresh as fuck for you.

PLEASE READ: As this is a pre-order, if you order any other of our items with the apparel please note that we will send the complete order when we get our mitts on the sweet threads. IF you need your caffeine hit before then, throw it in a separate order and we’ll get it out in the normal timelines… Otherwise you’ll be a caffeine deprived husk and no one needs that


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